Eltech Ltd. — a distributor of electronic components in Russian market.

Brief Summary

established in 1992
turnover: $ 60 mln. (in 2014)
head office: Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
representative offices: Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Minsk (Belarus)
employees: 180

In summer 2009 Eltech Ltd. Management Quality System has been certified to comply with ISO9001:2008 standard and has been confirmed in summer 2014.

Our Franchisors:

Analog Devices, Renesas Electronics, Toshiba Electronics, NLT Technologies, AU Optronics, Exar, RadiSys, Avalue, SECO, Cognatec, ADL Embedded Solutions, Innodisk, Sierra Wireless,GlobalTop, Fibocom, Honeywell , NDK, Chilisin, Diotec,Vectron,Ferriwo Anylink,  Micrel , Bel Power Solusions (Power-One) , FRIWO, Mean Well, Aimtec , AMETEK Porgrammable Power, Chinfa , Fordata, IXYS, Crydom, LED Engin, MaxLinear, Connfly, Hus-Tsan, Trxcom, FCI Electronics, AUK Contractors, Dinkle.

Our Turnover

Being established in 1992, Eltech Ltd. is increasing its turnover annually. It amounted to USD 60 million in 2014.

Our Awards

In July 2003 we've got a Spot Award from Analog Devices for occupying the first place in East European Sales in 2002. We also have the same award from Power-One for the ¹1 Distributor in Eastern Europe. In 2003 Eltech Ltd. has become a recipient of an worthy award presented by Ramtron Inc. for the best sale achievements in the Eastern Europe. In 2005 Eltech Ltd. has been awarded by C&D Technologies Inc. as newcomer distributor of the year 2004 in EMEA region.

According to the most recent Report of Analytical Center of Modern Electronics, Eltech Ltd. is ranked number 4 in the list of Top 10 Distributors in Russia for year 2014.

It is our vendors' and many Russian electronic market participants' opinion that Eltech Ltd. is a company with the most dynamic development in the market.

The Widest Representative Offices Net

We have representative offices in several important industrial Russian cities — Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don, Minsk ((Belarus). These offices allow us to be closer to our customers and to provide them with high quality service at first hand. We have the widest net of representative offices among Russian distributors of electronic components.

A Wide Resellers Net

Our wide resellers net was formed thanks to a competitive price policy and terms. This net covers all main industrial regions of Russia and C.I.S. We determine our net to be the widest in Russia.

Well-organized Logistics

We have well-organized logistics which provides us quick and accurate transfer of cargos from vendors' stocks to our central stock and then to all our offices' local stocks. There is also an established order for transferring cargos between all local stocks omitting central stock. Our stock system is the best among other Russian electronics components distributors.

Technical Support

Our line managers department combines promotion of new lines and products with assistance to our customers in optimal using of our products in their projects. The department is also well-informed regarding the nearest our customers' designs and actively participates in the combined process of component selection. Another department's duty is writing technical articles for magazines and preparing information for catalogues, booklets, CDs, etc.

High Advertising Activity

We regularly participate in main specialized exhibitions in various Russian cities, hold regular seminars in many cities all over Russia. All main specialized magazines publish our advertisements and technical articles in every issue.

To provide our customers with necessary information regarding our products we publish our own technical catalogues and booklets, CDs with datasheets, application notes, articles, selection guides, etc. We also publish our own magazine where our customers can find our vendors' and our own news, technical articles, other special information which may be interesting for them. All editions are distributed among our customers on free of charge terms.

Corporate Website

We maintain our official corporate website www.eltech.spb.ru which provides information on electronic components distributed by Eltech Ltd, along with the latest news, datasheets and publications. Online catalogue allows our customers to search, select and order electronic components they need.

Head office:

Eltech Ltd., 3A, pl. Konstitutsii, Saint-Petersburg, 196247, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 327-90-90, Fax: +7 (812) 635-50-70
Web: www.eltech.spb.ru

Please contact:

Mr. Andrey Peregud, CEO
Phone: +7 (812) 327-90-90